Review – Scam or Legit

Currently, has been around for approximately three years and eight months. The general rule of the thumb states that a reputable website should have been around for approximately six months. Therefore, is one of those platforms that pass the test quite well. It is hard to survive in the market for such a long period unless you are doing legit business.


When playing on, you will earn free Robux by completing surveys and watching videos. So many platforms use this business approach but stands out for several reasons. You will earn free Robux by watching videos, doing offers, and completing tasks. You will also get the ability of withdrawing to your Roblox account instantly. It is not easy to come across a website that has such a high level of transparency. There are no reported delays in claiming your rewards. This tells you that is a reputable and hence you can trust it.

The Value of the Website

Currently, the estimated value of the website stands at approximately 226,080 dollars. The daily income of this site is approximately 314 dollars. You cannot expect a scam to generate such amazing results. It is a clear indication that this platform is legit and not a scam. The platforms also generate part of its revenue from Google Adsense. You cannot trade on such a platform unless you have the right standing in the market. The users of have not reported any active threats on the recent years. It can be a basis for using this platform with a high level of confidence.


This is the best criteria to test whether you are dealing with a reputable site or not. A good website will have a padlock in the left side corner of the URL. Besides, it will be denoted by the symbols HTTPS to demote that the site is secure. meets this criterion perfectly. It is one of the most secure gaming sites in the market. It means that your login details including passwords and other personal information are secure. However, this is not a clear indication that you are dealing with a legit site. It only tells that your personal information is safe your details are encrypted. Therefore, it will not be easy for scammers to get to your website with their fraudulent activities.

However, this does not imply that you play around with your login credentials. You still have to take good care of your personal information. Like any other online platform, you should be extremely careful before making online payments on this website. We have so many websites out there that are specially launched to steal money from the users. However, is not one of them. However, if a scammer comes across your password and user name, he will definitely find way to your account. Therefore, don’t take anything to chances and be careful with all your personal details.

From this information, it comes out clearly that is a legit site. You should just be careful not to expose your personal information to the scammers.